Thursday, March 26, 2020

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A new dose of digital for the current situation.



The art market is undergoing a rapid digital transformation. As the world begins to shift communication online, galleries scramble to find innovative ways to satisfy their client’s appetites from the laptops in their living room. The art market has responded quickly, providing Online Viewing Rooms as a solution for fairs and galleries to continue business seamlessly and maintain momentum. 

Online Viewing Rooms use advanced technology to create a curated experience that presents artwork in a dynamic and personalized way versus the conventional JPEG or PDF. Such rooms maintain the “exclusive feel” by providing limited access to the public to cater to select clientele. For example, for the most recent fair, Art Basel Hong Kong, allowed only VIP access the first day they launched their Online Viewing Rooms, thus mimicking the exclusive access that VIP would have enjoyed at a physical show. Moreover, some Online Viewing Rooms capture client data and allow gallerists to see who is engaging with which works and how often. This added feature provides an enormous advantage to gallerists, as on-premise art fairs and exhibitions do not offer this vital information. In addition, it expands a gallery's online audience, unrestrained by distance and time zones.

As our phones and laptops increasingly mediate our relationships, Online Viewing Rooms are rapidly becoming the norm. If you are not using Online Viewing Rooms, you are missing out on a revenue stream that will prove to be, if it hasn’t already, the most lucrative way to sell art in 2020. What once may have seemed like a futuristic and technologically advanced way to sell art, Online Viewing Rooms are now very much the present and a technological movement in the arts. 

Amidst the ever-evolving situation of COVID-19, Online Viewing Rooms offer an alternative solution that provide support and visibility in times of uncertainty. 

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